Sports Chiropractic

The performance of the body during athletics is more dependent on the correct functioning of the spine than any other part of the skeletal structure.


The majority of injuries sustained today in sport are due to repetitive strains that weaken the structural components, thereby predisposing the athlete to injury.


If there are mechanical weaknesses in which a vertebrae is out of position causing nerve irritation, the brain via the Nervous System, will not be able to successfully send the vital messages to the joints and muscles. The result is reduced strength and reflexes causing poor performance.


In the current athletic climate athletes are separated by tenths of a second, so that extra few percent will assist in their success. Chiropractic management provides the athlete with proven, natural methods of performance enhancement. Weight training injuries, winter sports, skiing or snowboarding, golf, tennis, rugby, football etc all can be treated.




In the game of golf, Back & Joint related pain is an epidemic. Professionals and amateurs all have it and if they don’t now, they soon will. What can we do to recognise it? and how can we correctly diagnose, treat and manage the condition?  (Click here  to view Golf Article).



Tennis is a physically demanding sport involving fast stop/starts, bending forward and hyper extensions. Common injuries include Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Tennis Elbow to name a few. Chiropractic management is routinely used by professionals and amateurs to effectively diagnose, treat and manage the injured athlete.