Repetitive Strain Injury is a condition caused by performing a repetitive task over a prolonged period of time. RSI is more commonly associated with shoulder, arm and hand pain resulting from working for extended periods of time whilst typing at a computer. However, RSI can also be associated with other joints in other areas of the body e.g. Back Pain.


RSI is commonly associated with performing repetitive manual tasks such as computer work, housework, typing and work of a laborious nature e.g. gardening, digging and construction. RSI may also result from pregnancy, stress and trauma.


Common symptoms of RSI can include:

Upper part of the body: numbness, tingling, pain in the arm, thumb, index and also the middle finger and neck.

Lower part of the body: back pain, numbness and tingling in the legs.


A commonly overlooked cause of RSI is nerve problems originating from the spine. Spinal misalignment's reduce normal vertebrae movement and will interfere with the nerves supplying different areas of the body.


The Spine Clinic looks at how to successfully identify and treat the cause of this condition with early mobilisation of the wrist and or spine and if necessary referral to orthopaedic physician or other specialist depending on the case in question.


Office ergonomics play a very important role in posture and its affects on spinal and joint conditions.